• wheretovote

    Where to vote?

    A lot of people ask the question, “Where do I vote in NC?” Use this tool below by entering the address on your voter registration card. It will by default give you the polling place for May 6th. Select the drop down for early voting to see where you can go vote TODAY. Early voting will remain open until May 3rd. If you are registered independent, you have to choose the republican ballot to vote for Ted.

  • Television Ad

    Early voting is underway in North Carolina!  We are pushing ads out across the state on television and radio.   This is an ad that we filmed in Charlotte last month.  Feel free to share this around with others and remember to go vote!

  • Taxpayer Pledge

    Taxpayer Protection Pledge

    President Obama’s proposed budget would raise taxes. To heal our nation, we must alleviate the tax burden of American families, eliminate wasteful spending, and fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

    That is why I have signed a Taxpayer Protection Pledge with the Americans for Tax Reform. It’s time we stand up to the reckless actions of our administration.

    If I get into too much debt, someone comes to repossess my car. If I don’t pay my power bill, my lights go out. How can our government incur trillions of dollars in debt without consequence?

    Well, the consequences are coming, and they will unfairly burden our children and our children’s children. We absolutely must get our budget under control in order to defend the future of the United States. Congress can no longer resort to multiple short-term solutions that kick the can down the road and jeopardize our long-term future. If families and businesses plan ahead, why shouldn’t Congress?

    Our Founding Fathers would have never fathomed the amount of debt and spending that the federal government is incurring. As your Senator, I will work tirelessly for a Balanced Budget Amendment. Until such an Amendment is added to our Constitution, I will work together with fiscally responsible members of both parties to reduce our budget deficits. I support ideas plans like the “Penny Plan,” which would reduce the deficit to zero within seven years. Why is this so hard?

    Our deficits are not the result of too-low taxes, but of out-of-control spending. I would work to defend the taxpayer’s dollar by reforming and simplifying the tax code. At the same time, I support a line-item veto, and all efforts to eliminate wasteful spending (I hate waste!) Redundant and wasteful programs work against North Carolinians by stifling economic entrepreneurialism and opportunity.

    As a mayor, I knew all too well how our city had to operate within a balanced budget while the federal government continued to push more and more rules and unfunded mandates down to the local municipalities. In the long term, the rate payers and tax payers are the ones who end up footing the bill. I will support the reduction of overly burdensome and unfunded federal control thrust upon our state and local governments.