I believe the most effective way to reach people with my message and values is through personal contact. That is why I am wanting to empower and work with you to make an impact in your neighborhood and in your city. Through our community groups we will be able to inform others about my policies and how I will support and defend the Constitution and how I will serve them as their senator.

If you are interested in joining the grassroots movement, fill out the form to the left. Thank you for your support!

What to Expect

Each community group will be given resources to bring awareness to my campaign.  We will organize canvasing, house parties, phone banks and much more.  This is an exciting way to get involved and meet other like-minded people.  There will be a leader assigned to each community group that will coordinate with their members.  You will also have access to special surprises along the way for your help and involvement.  If you have any questions send a message to


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