Family & Life

Family relationships bring joy and meaning to life. That’s why I’m pro-marriage, pro-family, and pro-life.

Family relationships bring joy and meaning to life. These relationships are also the moral fiber of our society and the building block of our economy.

As a parent of an adopted daughter and long-time supporter of our local Pregnancy Resource Center, I will support the sanctity of human life at all stages by promoting adoption and better education about the harm of abortion. We must offer alternatives so that the women facing very difficult decisions feel support within their communities and have access to the best information available to make those hard choices and choose LIFE for their babies.

When it comes to marriage, I support the traditional family and definition of marriage between one man and one woman. The people of North Carolina have clearly spoken on this matter. While every person, regardless of sexual orientation, should be treated with love and respect, I believe marriage is between a man and woman.