Health Care

Our nation’s health care system is at a critical crossroads. That’s why I will support any and all efforts to repeal ObamaCare. Period.

Our nation’s health care system is at a crossroads. Americans are concerned about their ability to access quality, affordable health care.  I believe that in America – the most wealthy and free country in the world – no one should face bankruptcy due to health care or health insurance bills. Yet under Obamacare, more people have actually lost their health insurance since it was enacted than prior.

ObamaCare is the most serious issue facing our country because it not only represents a hardship for patients and families, but it epitomizes the out-of-control growth of government that Americans face on every side. Obamacare will not heal a single patient. That is the role of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. But if the actions of these healthcare professionals become controlled by the federal government, patients will suffer.

Therefore, I would support any and all efforts to repeal Obamacare and replace it with legislation to put patients at the center of health care through increased price transparency, greater competition in the health sector and more individual freedom for patients and their doctors.