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    Response to The State of The Union

    I found this speech to be utterly lacking in either inspiration or in new ideas. This tired speech failed miserably to put any “union” in the State of the Union Address. It was one of the most partisan SOTU addresses I can remember. Virtually everything that the President mentioned were things that he is going to do on his own. No unity there. No extended hand.

    Throughout the speech, while telling the country how bad things are, he only served to reinforce the inability of his economic policies to improve the economy over the last five years. He actually indicted his own administration because he has had five years now, and we are in no better shape than we were when he started. He inasmuch said so. It is especially ironic that the energy strategy that he said “is working” is, in actuality, based solely on private initiatives on privately owned land. Neither the President nor his policies have had anything to do with this growth in our energy production. In fact, he wants to tax fossil fuels even more -which will discourage more production and raise prices at the gas pump and for home heating.

    In the world, according to President Obama’s address, the only time that innovative research, education of our children, or job creation will occur is through federal intervention and efforts. In addition, according to the President, jobs and employers can only be connected through the efforts of the government, when in actuality what we need is for the government to get out from between employers and job seekers. To his credit,the President was able to find and highlight the one person in the country that has had a positive experience with the Affordable Health Care Act. But he was loudly silent about the 5 million plus Americans who have lost their health insurance directly due to Obamacare.

    I heard more of the same; More “standards,” more “protection” more intervention. All of this means that we should expect even more job killing and regulatory policies in almost every aspect of our lives, and apparently without any input from Congress. The “savings” that he refers to in the tax code only means that he intends for the federal government to keep all of any additional monies raised by closing loopholes instead of rebating that money back to the American taxpayer.

    The introduction and story of Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg could have served in and of itself as the entire State of the Union address. His stirring story of courage and bravery gives us hope and unity of purpose that the President is incapable of doing. Sergeant Remsburg represents what is the absolute best of America. We are indebted to him and the many others who have sacrificed for our country.

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