A Letter From Ted

November 11, 2018

In the wake of the recent election, and as we approach the upcoming season of Thanksgiving, I want to pause and give my personal Thanks to all who had a hand in my recent election to the North Carolina Senate to represent District 44. First and foremost I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without Whom no part of my life -or certainly this election -would have any reason or purpose. I truly praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

I thank all of those who were steadfast in their prayers for me, my family, my campaign, and the election overall. We were blessed by people who had meetings and prayed for us, called me up to pray for me, stopped me to pray during my door -to -door campaigning, and even took the time to stop me and pray over me at early voting sites. It was truly humbling , and I know that it made all the difference.

I thank my wonderful wife Patti for her unyielding love, support, prayers , and forbearance during the last year and a half. She is truly a gift from God and the biggest prayer warrior, supporter and hardest worker a husband or candidate could ever ask for. For her sake, I am glad we finally get our kitchen, living room, dining room ,den, guest bedroom, and —-well, really our entire house- -back from the organized clutter and chaos required by a campaign. My children -Christina and Will- also demonstrated their loyalty and support in so many ways both in the primary and then the general election. My extended family, including my sisters and all of my in-laws on both sides of the family, were just terrifically supportive, including my 87-year-old father- in- law Hal Powell. He worked tirelessly on my behalf and introduced me to Richard Petty and many of his other friends.

Thanks to those who contributed financially and to my amazing Treasurer Pam Keller. Running any campaign is a very expensive and complicated proposition, and without the many generous donors and someone to look after the books it would be impossible to navigate the morass of campaign expenses and legal requirement waters.

I thank all of those who individually and personally volunteered ( well over 100); the Cleveland, Lincoln, and Gaston County GOP; Women Republicans of Cleveland County (WeROCC); the Lincoln County Republican Men’s Club; the Gaston County Republican Women; the Shelby High School Teenage Republicans (TARs); the Gardner Webb University College Republicans ; Members of the 10th Congressional District GOP; Jarvis Moss with the NCGOP; the Shelby and Gaston Tea Parties; and all of the other Republican candidates and their volunteers and families
who worked for and looked after each other.

I am so humbled that people who were registered with both parties- or no party-took their time to: loan their yards, put up and take down yard signs, stuff thousands of envelopes, make phone calls, go door -to -door, help with Facebook and social media, work the polls during the grueling early voting schedule , write letters on my behalf, and then work the polls on election day in monsoon -like rainy weather.

I really don’t know of any mechanism appropriate enough to convey my gratitude. This letter is at least an inadequate attempt to do that.

I also want to acknowledge my opponent David Lattimore. He ran a very positive campaign, and I respect anyone who puts themselves out to the public in order to vie for elected office. It is not an easy thing to do. David remained positive and a friend during the entire process.

At the close
of election day I told Patti that my feet hurt, my legs ached, my back was sore, my voice was hoarse from talking , and my eyes were dry and watering, but at the end of it all, “my heart felt real good”.

I look forward to representing and serving the many fine folks and new friends in the 44th district. The desire of my heart is to do a good job representing, serving , and helping wherever I can, and in so doing, honor God‘s command in Proverbs 3:27 and Philippians 2:13- to do good. Now is the time for us all to get together and get down to the meaningful “Business” of doing good work!

Ted Alexander

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