June 3, 2020


I am asking for your financial support for my re-election campaign to the NC Senate, and doing so with a sense of urgency.

Due to the unpredictability that is affecting our economy, I understand it may not be the best time to ask or give. But now more than ever I am convinced that North Carolina needs strong leadership. If this COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that leadership, character and competence matter during a time of crisis.

At the General Assembly, I have worked with others tirelessly on bills to provide relief to struggling businesses and employees. We have also tried to pass bills that would give these businesses a lifeline to remain open, so they don’t have to board up for good.
The most efficient way to fix this crisis is to allow our businesses to open up while employing safe, and common sense practices. However, our Governor is not allowing these literal “lifesavers” to help. It is vital that we take back our supermajority so that we can override a governor's veto and do the people's work.

When COVID-19 first hit, I put all fundraising to a standstill. My main focus was working in Raleigh and our district to represent you and my other constituents in Cleveland, Lincoln, and Gaston counties. As our state has begun the slow process of reopening, these past months have shown how much elected officials can impact our lives.

Those who know me, know I really dislike having to ask for money. But I have realized how expensive these races are! So I am asking you to give and give today if you are able.
It is a privilege to serve you and our neighbors, and I hope you will allow me to continue to represent your values and best interests in Raleigh.

To contribute, you can click the button below or you can send a check to “Friends of Ted Alexander” at 409 Beaumonde Ave, Shelby, NC 28150.