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To "Support and Defend" and Serve

To know Ted is to like him: He’s a bona fide Conservative that gets things done.

Ted Alexander is a native North Carolinian, born and raised in Morganton, NC. He is the son of the late Bill and Mary Ann Alexander, who most recently lived in Nebo, near Marion. He has been married for 30 years to the former Patti Powell, the daughter of Hal and the late Dorothy Powell of Asheboro. Ted and Patti have two children: Will, who lives and works in Asheville, and Christina, who is a freshman at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs. While attending UNC-Charlotte, Ted cast his first vote for President for Ronald Reagan, whom he continues to admire.

Ted attended Glen Alpine Elementary and Junior High School, and graduated from Freedom High School where he served in the Student Government Association. He graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. While at UNC-Charlotte, he was involved with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (where he met Patti), was President of Baseball Kappa, and served in the North Carolina Student Legislature. He was a UNC-Chapel Hill Institute of Government Summer Intern.

More recently, Ted has served on the UNCC Alumni Association and currently sits on the UNC-Charlotte Foundation Board. In 2006, he was selected as a Distinguished Alumni of UNC-Charlotte.

Ted graduated from Cornell University with a master’s degree in Historic Preservation, and served for one year as a New York State Senate Fellow in the Office of Sen. John Daly (R).

Ted served as the Executive Director for both the Bedford (Virginia) Main Street downtown revitalization programs and the Uptown Shelby Association’s Main Street revitalization program, where he worked tirelessly to rejuvenate the business climate for those towns’ center cities. He served as the Virginia State Main Street Director from 1994-1996. He has been featured as a national and international speaker. Ted has tirelessly worked with local and state organizations to improve the economic quality of life in Cleveland County and throughout the state. He knows all-too-well how federal policies have been forced upon North Carolina, and our state and local governments.

He’s a bona fide Conservative that gets things done.

Mayor Ted

In 2003, Ted – thought by most to be the underdog – was overwhelmingly elected Mayor of Shelby in a highly competitive race. He was re-elected without opposition in 2007 and did not choose to run again in the 2011 election. “Mayor Ted” was known throughout his tenure as the “people’s mayor”. His unrelenting drive to engage citizens and churches from every socio-demographic segment both reduced the extremely high crime rate he faced when sworn in, as well as to empower citizens to revitalize their neighborhoods. When he left office, Shelby’s crime rate had dropped to its lowest rate in nearly 30 years. Ted is credited with having increased economic development opportunities and successes in spite of a sagging national economy. He also fostered a positive and cooperative spirit between the public and private sectors, all while creating a positive atmosphere of fiscal responsibility and low taxes. Ted enthusiastically championed the creation of the Foothills Commerce Center where Schletter, Inc. just announced the creation of 170 jobs. He also helped initiate the public-private development of the now renowned Don Gibson Theatre and the just-opened, highly-acclaimed Earl Scruggs Center.

Ted is currently the Western Regional Director of Preservation North Carolina, a state-wide non-profit organization receiving no governmental funds, that works within the private and public sector realms with those who wish to voluntarily protect, preserve, or economically redevelop their historic structures.

Public Service - Not servitude of the Public

Over the past 53 years I have had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout our great state, and I have met along the way the finest people in the country. I, like they, care deeply about how our Federal government is strangling the rights of the people and of the state itself.
As I meet with folks across the state, I have seen firsthand how towns and communities are struggling to revitalize their business districts, and recruit business and industry to their communities. I recognize that entrepreneurs and small business owners are the backbone of our economy and have the solutions for our ailing economy, i.e.; wealth generation and their ensuing jobs. Yet, these poverty eliminating solutions are mired down with federal over-regulations and a seemingly endless stream of high taxes, and now the insidious nightmare of Obamacare. It now seems as if all of our jobs are to work for the federal government. This must be halted.
I run into individuals and families who care deeply about their Old North State and our United States. Yet, I feel that the values and principles that they hold dear are being crushed and lost under the steam roller of political correctness and identity politics, liberal judicial decisions, government taxation and over-reach, and the immeasurable uncertainty caused by Obamacare . So often our elected officials are all too willing to get out of the way and allow this steam roller to proceed. As a committed Christian and concerned citizen, I cannot stand idly by and watch. This is why I have chosen to take the risk of placing myself between this steam roller and the people.
I abhor racial disharmony, and all efforts that promote class warfare and divisive government. The current environment in Washington DC, promoted by so many on the left and in the media, is consumed with this attitude and I will work there, as I did in Shelby, to overcome petty political attitudes while not compromising our party’s core conservative social and economic beliefs.
North Carolinians deserve a Senator that expects to work hard on their behalf, not the other way around. Join me as we work together to heal the hurt that has been inflicted upon so many of the good folks of North Carolina and our country.

" So often our elected officials are all too willing to get out of the way and allow this steam roller to proceed. As a committed Christian and concerned citizen, I cannot stand idly by and watch. This is why I have chosen to take the risk of placing myself between this steam roller and the people."

— Ted Alexander